Lactation Center

The Lactation Center at Hillcrest offers education, support and the most up-to-date care to help you and your baby have an enjoyable breastfeeding experience.

We offer a monthly breastfeeding basics class that provides information and hands-on education to help you get off to a good start.  We are also available by phone if you have any questions about breastfeeding before the birth of your baby.

Our compassionate care begins soon after birth when babies are ready to feed. Your nurse will help you and your baby get started with breastfeeding. At Hillcrest Medical Center and Hillcrest South, our certified lactation consultants will be available to help assess your baby’s feeding style and to help you solve any breastfeeding challenges during your stay. At Hillcrest Claremore, nurses are certified breast educators and are available to help with questions or concerns. If your baby is admitted to our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), our lactation consultants will assist and support your efforts to provide your special milk for your baby. We will be available to assist with bringing your baby to breast when that day arrives.

After you’ve gone home, the Lactation Center offers both phone and in-person consultation. Phone consultations with the lactation consultants are available by calling the MilkLine at 918-579-8018. In-person consultations may be arranged by calling the MilkLine to make an appointment. Payment for Lactation Center appointments may be covered by insurance; check with your carrier. Phone and in-person consultations are available to anyone, regardless of where they have delivered their baby.

Call the MilkLine at 918-579-8018 for phone or in-person consultations.