May 2013

For parents across the state watching the devastation unfold on television, as tornadoes swept through Central and Northeastern Oklahoma Sunday and Monday, knowing how to talk to children about why these events happen can be a challenge.  Although we would like to shelter our children from tragedy, the reality is children easily pick up on parents’ reactions, both verbal and non-verbal, as well as the continuous coverage at every turn. Children know what is going on around them, but likely won’t fully understand how it affects them. Events like the Moore, OK tornado can leave children with... Read More »

Hillcrest lactation consultant Cheryl Coleman shares the importance of skin to skin contact between mom and baby today on our blog.

Holding your baby against you, skin-to-skin, gives your baby the best start to life after birth and helps with the initiation of breastfeeding.  

Holding your baby skin-to-skin (S2S) starting within the first few minutes of birth supports three vital changes that your baby will make in the early hours after birth.  

First, S2S holding will help your baby maintain a stable temperature.  They are coming from a nice warm environment to a... Read More »

Hillcrest lactation consultant Cheryl Coleman shares tips for nursing mothers traveling this summer on the blog today.

We’re getting to summer vacation time and new mothers are confronted with the issue of how to feed their baby when traveling.  Breastfeeding is the most convenient option for any traveling, as well as being the safest.   Regardless, there are always things to consider when planning to feed and travel with your baby.  

If you are traveling by car, the safest recommendation is to stop at a rest stop or safe place along your route to breastfeed your baby.  If... Read More »

If you ask any new parent what’s in a baby name, they will likely tell you a lot of time. Either they’ve had their baby’s name picked out for years, or they’ve spent countless hours debating it. Some know right off the bat when they find out they’re expecting. Others look with a blank stare at the birth certificate in the hospital not sure what to write as discharge nears.

Naming a baby is a big decision. After “Do you know if you’re having a boy or a girl,” most people are curious if you’ve picked a name. And everyone wants to weigh in. We can’t help but have our preferences and... Read More »