Hillcrest Medical Center’s Women’s Health Center Expands Birth Care Services

Hillcrest Medical Center’s Women’s Health Center Expands Birth Care Services

Tulsa, Okla. – The Peggy V. Helmerich Women’s Health Center at Hillcrest Medical Center announced today its grand opening expansion of the fourth floor of their women’s hospital. The new floor is named the “Sandra L. Jackson Birth Care Unit.”

The expansion was initiated due to the increased volume of deliveries at the Women’s Health Center; the increased number of High Risk Antepartum patients; and as a way to provide expanded, comprehensive birth care services all in one unit for the convenience of the medical staff, new mothers and their babies.

The Women’s Health Center delivers approximately 3,800 babies every year, one of the highest delivery rates in the city. In addition, the Women’s Health Center has the largest Antepartum program in Northeastern Oklahoma with a nationally recognized Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

The expansion includes a much larger space dedicated to all the needs of new mothers and their babies, including comprehensive postpartum care. Postpartum mothers will be placed in private, beautifully designed, spacious rooms specifically created for allowing “rooming in” with their infant. This unit will include a large state-of-the-art nursery with new infant warmers and cribs and additional procedure rooms to assist the pediatricians caring for the newborns. Education available to new mothers emphasizes the “Safe Sleep” program and other infant safety information as well as teaching regarding general care of newborns and mothers. A lactation consultant team will provide information and expert assistance to breastfeeding moms.

Once the new Birth Care Unit moves, the vacated space will be reallocated for a High Risk Antepartum (HRA) unit, as well as additional patient rooms for birth care and gynecology patients.

“A tremendous benefit of expanding to the fourth floor is the opportunity to open a High Risk Antepartum (HRA) unit, as the HRA population in our community has significantly increased. As our state has been identified as having one of the highest rates of low birth weight babies, by opening this unit in our hospital we are providing the latest in specialized care for these high risk patients,” said Steve Dobbs, Chief Executive Officer, Hillcrest Medical Center. “A truly special part of this grand opening event for us is that the new floor is named after Sandra L. Jackson, who passed away last year. Sandra was former Chief Operating Officer of Hillcrest Medical Center and an incredible and dynamic leader of the Women’s Hospital for several years after its opening. Sandra had a great love for children and was instrumental in helping open the Women’s Hospital. This new floor is dedicated to her and all of her many contributions in the planning and opening of the Peggy V. Helmerich Women’s Health Center.”

For over 90 years, Hillcrest Medical Center has prided itself in establishing an environment of hope, health and healing. Today, the hospital is among Oklahoma’s most widely respected and acclaimed hospitals, offering extraordinary care in many areas including cardiology, orthopedics, burn care, and women’s services.

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