Is VBAC Safe for Mom and Baby?

The decision to pursue a vaginal birth after a C-section (called a VBAC or TOLAC - trial of labor after C-section) is a big question for many expectant mothers. VBAC eligibility is dependent upon many factors, and is safe for many patients. Patients who have had one low transverse uterine incisions who do not have any contraindications to attempting vaginal delivery may be VBAC eligible.

Unexpected emergency circumstances can occur during any labor, and are somewhat more common during an attempted VBAC. The most serious risk associated with VBAC is rupture of the scar from the prior C-section. This occurs rarely, but can cause the mom and or the baby serious harm or even death.

If a patient wishes to pursue a VBAC, they should discuss with their doctor early in their pregnancy whether the doctor performs VBACs.  Many doctors in Oklahoma are covered by PLICO which does not cover VBACs. If their doctor doesn't perform VBACs, then they could ask for a recommendation for another doctor who does.

Of course, not every mother who has had a C-section wants to pursue a VBAC, and that is okay. If you are unsure about whether to pursue a VBAC, discuss with your doctor and trust yourself to make the decision that is best for you. As long as you and your doctor agree that it is the right decision, then a VBAC can be a great experience for you and your baby.